Hello. My name is Karthik. I make things.

And I work with very interesting people.  


This is what I do.

I have been involved with architecture, design, process, and product development for the last 12 years. An architect and a designer born, raised and trained in Pune, Pondicherry, and Dessau-Roßlau in Germany, I have successfully completed projects for brands and institutions across the country. 

I am: 

One half of

Collective Independent.

We started with projects in architecture, space design, branded environments. We eventually grew to design websites & interfaces & products. 

One third of 

Tasha & Girl 

 Tasha makes the fruit spreads. Kedar makes the business, I make the funnies. The company makes the best fruit spreads. Ever. 

One half of


A luggage brand I co-found with my friend. We launched a kickstarter campaign and failed. We built and live the portmanteau life. 

One third of

Black Swan Journeys. 

The other two run the travel company. I run around and design things for them. I also get everyone addicted to Rasmalai.

A small part at

Black Baza Coffee Co.

I help with design, marketing, and occasionally; lifting boxes. I religiously drink and evangelise the coffee.

One part of a whole bunch of ideas yet to see daylight.

My kitty of Napkin sketches of things that should come. If deemed worthy, shall one day soon be seen on this wall. 

I like working with indic Languages.

Language plays a major role in the acceptability of brands in semi-urban settings. 5 years ago, i started working with brands who weren’t averse to trying to work in local languages. and now i am hooked. 

I like working from the inside.

I like working with the business team. Not for them. I feel the work is always better when the design and storytelling is done from within not outside of the business unit.

This is who I am working with now.

Making stories and bad jokes at Tasha & Girl.

With Hasirudala, i am working on a project called HasiruMane, a way to provide financial assistance and low-energy homes to informal waste pickers.

I am also working on the design and tech of a publishing platform for a trades reporting startup in stealth mode. We call it the Davis Index.

Working with Black Baza Coffee on better packaging and brand presence for really good coffee.

And a bunch of small things that mean a lot to me.

Like what you see? Let’s talk.